Careers Week at Priory Community School


I was very happy to get asked to speak to the pupils at my old Secondary School this week, as part of the careers event they have organised.

Going back to Priory was pretty astounding given all of the new facilities and building that have sprung up since I left 12 years ago! I set up in front of 50 science-interested year 10s and an enthusiastic year 7 to give them a rundown of how you go from GCSEs to a working research scientist, and why I think it’s a cool job! prioryday

I also think it’s important not just to shill my own path, so gave a section over to the ecologists, doctors, industrial scientists and non-scientists that came the same route but spit off.

day 1a

The session was rounded off with two additional Priory Alumni giving their paths since leaving into law or business. Hopefully the students get a lot out of the week and fingers crossed for some world-class scientists coming out of Priory in the years to come!